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We're all very proud of what we have achieved so far and we're very grateful to the community for their continued support. We try and keep reinveting ourselves and The Captured Collective to bring you new ideas to feature your work the best way we can.

We invite you to take part in our weekly theme challenges on Twitter and Instagram!

The Captured Collective has always been less about the numbers and more about the people.We highly encourage all of you to share your work with us and the community using our tag #TheCapturedCollective:

  • Real Photography
  • Virtual Photography
  • Visual Art Mediums

The Captured Collective was founded in 2016, as gamers ourselves we share the same passion for visual art and photography (Both real & virtual).

We wanted to create a sharing hub that features a large variety of visual arts, supporting and showcasing the community’s beautiful work. Showing different techniques and ideas that help inspire artists to try new things and help them to grow. Since The Collective supports these mediums we feel it creates cross inspirations within these art forms.

As we continue to grow we expanded to Twitter. Supporting the community with retweets and features. This is when we  introduce themes as a way to further inspire the community to try new things and help them grow and improve their skills.

The Captured Collective is now a strong team sharing the same passion for visual arts. We’re all very proud of what we have achieved and we’re very grateful to the community for their continued support.

Play Safe. Stay True. Be Kind.



We dedicate our monthly themes to photography and real life subjects.

The Captured Collective has always welcomed all forms of art, to keep Virtual Photography and real life Photography on the same level of creativity and imagination, one inspiring the other, one learning from the other.

Our community counts very talented people and our goal is to put them on stage so the whole world can meet them, be inspired by them and learn from them. We all have the same passion for video games and POP culture and so many different ways to express it.

Be Photography your initial hobby or your new battlefield, whether you’re already a pro or just an amateur, share your shots with us now! You can take part in our Monthly Photography Themes or just randomly tag #TCCphotography every day.

Discover all our previous and upcoming projects for 2023



2023 - 2024

Discover and take part in a globe trotter journey to the most popular locations in the whole world... through video games.



2022 / 2023

It all started with a theme. For years we have brought to you new themes to charge your inspiration, push your boundaries, challenge yourself and go off-road.



2022 - 2023

Every Sunday, The Captured Collective features some of our favorites from past week, now showcasing in a gallery on our website!




Check out our monthly issues featuring the work of the Photography and Virtual Photography communities on Twitter and Instagram!



2020 / 2021 / 2022

For three years we are designing a summary of everything that happened during the year, gathering community's favorite shot and quote to create a Yearbook.