Bring back the spotlight on your passion.

Last year, in our monthly issues of September and November, we took you for a tour of New York City through the eyes of our favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Since the idea was very well received, we let go of the monthly issues to work on a brand new magazine with an innovating idea: a globe trotter journey to the most popular locations in the whole world… through video games.

All year long, we have read comments, private messages, acknowledged thoughts and feelings about the way we – and the community pages in general – were seen and what you were expecting from us. We then decided it was time for us to change our perspective of how showcasing games and featuring our community players.

The Captured Collective has always been about the people and it is time you get your rightful place back in the centre of the stage. We will be putting you up to work in this community project idea. You take the shots, we design the pages. Your eyes and vision, our expertise and visibility. Our manufacture, your spotlight.

Send your shots by mail only and let us know the exact location.
By doing so, we will keep the good quality of the images and the social media engagement of the shot will always remain fully yours.

I am not a virtual/real life photographer, I am only an observer of the community, although I have writing skills, can I participate?

I like this idea and I want to participate.

Everyone is welcome. A magazine is not about pictures and photos only. Would you be willing to share with us words or poems, send us an e-mail as well.

I am a real life photographer and live in/near New York or once travelled there, can I share my photos with you?

While this new magazine project will be focusing more on virtual locations around the globe, The Captured Collective is and will always be covering all visual art forms and mediums. Yes, feel free to send us your beautiful photos of the Big Apple.

Does it have to be New York city?

For this edition, yes, it’s NYC only. BUT more to come, Mexico, Baja California, global USA, South America… We have a very large list to cover ahead. You can start gathering travel shots from other games and locations.

Can Spider-Man appear or is it just cityscape type shots?

A character can actually be a nice touch in a creative way, but NYC must be the main subject. Streets, people, monuments, lifestyle, street art…  But you can use Spidey a bit as well since it’s also an NYC strong icon.


We have a lot to work on, we are just gathering the content for now and giving people enough time to send over everything.

I am an Ubisoft Massive ‘The Division’ player, can I share with you my shots of New York City?

We are already hard working for weeks on both The Division games. We agree this version of our near future is more than interesting and deserves its own edition. That is why this first NYC edition will only be dedicated to Insomniac Games Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Although, feel free to send us your shots and texts from now on, we will start gathering them for a future edition.

It's been a long time since this project was announced, is it still in works?

As of December 2022, yes it is and the first edition is due to early 2023. Stay tuned for upcoming news on our social medias.


A The Captured Collective
community project.